A publication on Handshake and the Decentralized Web

HNS Registries -- Neuenet is an upcoming HNS registry. Not only will domain name markets competition heat up based on the sheer volume of TLDs, but on the quality of those names. Yes, ICANN, not all names are created equal.

FOSS -- This year, we're thankful to the teams and building around Handshake. We now have open source wallets, resolvers, explorers, search engines, desktop and mobile browsers, identity tooling, name exchange, and more.

Mako -- Chris (JJ) Jeffrey released mako, a reimplementation of a bitcoin fullnode written in C, which will serve as the base for the next Handshake fullnode. Multiple libraries are crucial in keeping Bitcoin — and now Handshake — decentralized

HNS Dev Portal -- The Shake announced a new developer portal with Handshake resources and open source projects for devs to find projects to start getting involved

Secondary Markets - POW/ sold for 285,000 HNS, the second most all time, as TLD’s on secondary markets start to pick back up.

PRIV8 -- The Priv8 Virtual Privacy Summit will feature Handshake core developer Christopher (JJ) Jeffrey along with Akash's Greg Osuri, BlockTower's Ari Paud, and others.

HSD V3 -- Includes faster sync times, changes in the block storage system, prevents downgrade attacks on sites set up with DNSSEC, root zone DNSSEC more secure and compatible with legacy DNS software

Name Claims -- There is an open discussion on extending the time to claim Alexa 100k names beyond the initial four year reserve period (Feb 2024), with an extension of "4 more years" (a total of 8 since genesis) proposed.

HandyHost -- Host, compute and browse, decentralized. HandyHost is an all-in-one suite to manage DWeb protocols and assets from your desktop or mobile web browser for Siacoin / DVPN / Akash.

Bob Wallet -- The Kyokan team with updates across Bob Wallet with SPV mode coming in the next version along with a new backend and API for the Bob Wallet chrome extension.

Updates from Namecheap, HNSsearch, Fingertip, Namebase and more as NamesCon wraps up and Handshake approaches 2M names opened.

HNS PR Review Club -- A weekly club for reviewing Handshake Core Pull Requests had its first meeting. The club’s first commit to review was increasing test coverage for the chain.

The first million names is the hardest. It took 443 days to reach one million names on Handshake. 143 days later, we’re weeks away from the two million name mark.

Niami -- The Handshake name rating site is becoming a block explorer, too. Measure name rarity, bid in auctions, and search the blockchain from a single place.

LINDA -- The Handshake search engine, HNSsearch, is developing an indexer to crawl the decentralized web. Help by providing a sitemap and have a robots.txt file on your site.

Subdomains -- Gift subdomains on Namebase under any Handshake domain you own. From the initial airdrop, Handshake has always been an experiment in the gift economy.

Namecheap -- The registrar announced the listing of its first ten Handshake TLDs. This is the start of an effort to lean into Handshake from Namecheap, the second largest registrar globally.

Forever Domains -- A new breed of decentralized names using Handshake TLDs and Ethereum SLDs. The .Forever TLD has no owner and permanently delegates DNS authority to a nameserver running on Ethereum.

Fingertip -- An open source, lightweight Handshake resolver Use DANE to access websites hosted on HNS domains, HIP-5 domains like .badass or, even, ENS domains with EIP-1158 data.

DANE -- Understand the shortcomings of Certificate Authorities, DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) as an alternative, and its relation to Handshake.